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Shokooh Mirzadegi





A note at the threshold of 2011

I have returned, along side the New Year,

To break open the locks of prisons.

(A line by Shams-Rumi)



Our History and Culture Belongs to All Iranians; No One Has the Right to Destroy It

An Interview with Shokouh Mirzadegi  >>>>


A Proposal for Reforming UNESCO's Membership

Short stories:

Blue writing on tarnished yellow papers

  Rashide   (Link for reading Farsi Version)


  Je jure aux chevaux de�

  A poem translated into French

  (Original Farsi text)



  That Stranger Within Me

  Link to original Farsi


  Reviews of "That Stranger Within Me":

  Coming to terms, By Tara Taghizadeh

  A voice of exile, By Jaleh Pirnazar



The New Iranian Year is declared by

The Pasargad Heritage Foundation,

As �The Year of Isfahan�s Cultural and Natural Heritage�



2008 is the 60th anniversary of the Universal  Declaration of Human Rights

It's a time for a global conversation about human  rights. To consider the  values that unite society as one human family and one global village. But it can be more. For the last 60 years it's been governments that have been asked  to sign the Universal

Declaration. The Elders hope  that 2008 can be the year that individuals, not just governments, sign the declaration. The Elders are calling for one billion signatures from across the world. The old generation of  leaders wants yours to be one of them. 

They urge you to embrace the values and goals of the declaration; to protect the rights of fellow global villagers and  encourage others to do the same in communities, workplaces and schools.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

To sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights click here.