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In June 2000, Shokooh Mirzadegi registered a non-profit organization under the above name in Colorado. The Constitution document of the Center says:


1. The historical evidence shows that all through the history of Iran and other Persian speaking nations, most of the  writings and books that have been totally lost and forgotten have been created by women. Apart from shortcoming such as the difficulty of publication and the scarcity of means of preservation, that equally applies to the works of men, the prevalence of bigotry and fanaticism, as well as patriarchic hegemony has caused this loss.


2. Even today, with the modern means of production and publication, as well as the existence of numerous libraries and document centers, the danger of losing the works and forgetting the names of our creative women is a real and active one.


3. This situation is more serious outside of Iran. Books published here, especially if rendering a feminist stand, are not allowed to enter Iran. Many works of art, pictures and shows with unveiled women in them are forbidden. They even censure foreign magazines by tearing off or covering with black markers any page that has pictures of unveiled women. Thus, the disconnect between our cultural products outside of Iran is more highlighted in the case of women.


It is upon these premises that SCDIW is being formed. Our goals are two-folded: One the one hand, we endeavor to collect and gather as many documents as possible that are relevant to life and works of Iranian women. The documents could be in the shape of books, pictures, video, shows, paintings and whatever else that are created by women. On the other hand, the center will try to help researches on woman issues by providing sources for them.


In the last 5 years, and despite the difficulties we have had in securing a suitable place for the center, the idea has been welcomed by Iranian writers and artists scattered all over the world. A small collection of books is now available and endeavors for finding a permanent place for the documents are being made.


Anybody interested in donating her/his works to the center can contact us and we will find the best way of delivery for the donors